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Current Plant Genome Research Program Awards
Total Number of Awards: 239
Award IdProject TitleWeb page for full information

Udall, Joshua A
Leshem, Adah
Gingle, Alan
Paterson, Andrew H
Iowa State UniversityComparative Evolutionary Genomics of Cotton$5,078,573.008

Schmutz, Jeremy
Cregan, Perry
Shoemaker, Randy C
Doyle, Jeffrey J
Purdue UniversityLeveraging Untapped Genetic Diversity in Soybean$5,310,958.003

Gilbert, Harry
O'Neill, Malcolm
Boons, Geert-Jan
York, William S
University of Georgia Research Foundation IncA Toolkit for in Vivo Visualization/Modulation of Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides$4,340,407.007

Dr, Cesar P. Martinez
Dr, Joseph Tohme
Moreno, Maria A
Kausch, Albert P
Yale UniversityBREAD: Hybrid Technologies for Heterosis in Rice and Related Cereals$2,688,012.007

Bhavani, Sridhar
Lagudah, Evans
Montana State UniversityBREAD: Inactivating Rust Resistance Suppressors to Unlock Multiple Defense Responses in Wheat$2,287,015.008

Albert, Victor A
Barbazuk, William B
Leebens-Mack, James H
Soltis, Pamela S
Pennsylvania State Univ University ParkThe Amborella Genome: A Reference for Plant Biology$7,315,073.008

Fischer, Robert L
University of California-BerkeleyEpigenetic Mechanisms Regulating Gene Imprinting In Rice Seeds$3,679,190.007

Cheung, Foo
Scheffler, Brian E
Haigler, Candace H
Stelly, David
University of Texas at AustinFunctional and Sequence Analysis of Fiber Development in Allotetraploid Cotton$3,923,449.007

Jia, Yulin
Olsen, Kenneth M
University of Massachusetts AmherstGenomic Structure and Contemporary Evolution of Weediness in Red Rice$2,580,916.007

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityCAREER: Integrating Whole-Genome Association Mapping and Landscape Genomics to Understand Climatic Adaptation in Populus$1,554,864.006

Vaughn, Matthew W
Hanley-Bowdoin, Linda K
Martienssen, Robert
Thompson, William F
Allen, George C
North Carolina State UniversityEpigenome Dynamics During DNA Replication$6,781,582.007

Barry, Cornelius S
Pichersky, Eran
Jones, A. Daniel
Michigan State UniversityBuilding and Operating Chemical Factories: Comparative Studies of Biochemical Pathways for Specialized Metabolites in the Solanum$4,586,618.006

Mockler, Todd C
Ewers, Brent
Weinig, Cynthia
Amasino, Richard M
Dartmouth CollegeGenetic Analysis of Natural Variation in the Control of Water Use Efficiency and Response to Drought Stress in Brassica rapa$5,261,343.007

Stajich, Jason E
Sun, Qi
Brutnell, Thomas P
University of California-RiversideGenome-wide Impact of mPing Transposition on Rice Phenotypic Diversity$4,917,695.007

Bonneau, Richard
New York UniversityEnvironmental Gene Regulatory Interaction Networks in Rice$3,711,365.006