GETBIO-PGRP Functionality


I.    Locating PGRP Project information. Select the "PGRP Projects" menu option.  Select Help/How to? sub-menu for more information.

The GETBIO system affords users the ability to locate information relating to a NSF funded PGRP project. The system includes integrated web pages describing PGRP broader impact programs. Users are able to search projects by keywords. Projects my be sorted by award year, PI, lead institution, award amount and duration.

II.    Offers users the ability to locate Broader Impact Events & Opportunities. Select the "Events & Opportunities" menu option. Select "Help/How to?" sub-menu for more information.

The GETBIO system provides facilities to allow users to locate events, internships, graduate assistantships, post doc positions, workshops, training opportunities etc.  The keyword search functionality enables users to easily locate this information within the system.

III.    Provides a framework for users to locate broader impact resources. Select “Resources”  menu option. Select :Help/How to?" sub-menu for more information.

The GETBIO system offers functionality affording users the ability to located Broader Impact Resources. A resource is something people can use to make their funded research and Broader Impact work easier and better. This could be, for example, a pre-existing survey that can be re-used, a data source that adds additional information to your results, a training program or online course for your students, a new experimental analysis method, or a set of rules and software tools for organizing workshops. This intent is to reach a wide-ranging audience including: high-school students, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty, researchers, someone looking for opportunities for underrepresented groups. 

IV.   Locating requisite Bioinformatics Analytic Tools using Bio-TDS. Select the "Bioinformatics Tool Discovery" menu option. Select "Help/Getting started with Bio-TDS" sub-menu for more information.

The GETBIO system offers functionality that assists the user in locating requisite bioinformatics analytic tools.  The Bio-TDS is a flexible retrieval system that affords users from multiple bioscience domains (e.g. genomic, proteomic, bio-imaging) the ability to query over 12,000 analytic tool descriptions integrated from well-established, community repositories. One of the primary components of the Bio-TDS is the ontology and natural language processing workflow for annotation, curation, query processing, and evaluation. The Bio-TDS offers researchers the capacity to associate their bioscience question with the most relevant computational toolsets required for the data analysis in their knowledge discovery process.