PGRP- Broader Impacts and Outreach in Plant Genome Research

Broader impacts are one of the pillars of NSF's merit review process. They include transformational discoveries, promising technology, innovative science education and more (NSF-funded broader impacts).

The mission of the GETBIO-PGR site is to provide an integrated gateway for education, training, broader impacts and outreach in Plant Genome Research that provides an infrastructure for researchers, educators, students and the general public to access, create, share and exchange information about plant genome research projects’ broader impact activities and to provide a resource to enable users to discover the most relevant bioinformatics analytic tools.

Upcoming Events

  • Visualizing Biological Data - VIZBI
  • EMBL Webinar: Introduction to EMBL-EBI resources - Virtual
  • Drosophila Genetics and Genomics - Virtual - Virtual
  • Webinar: Got Variants? Do Downstream Analyses for PopGen or Evolution Studies - Virtual
  • Webinar: Through the CyVerse User Portal and What You'll Find There - Virtual

Recently Added Resources

  • BioThings API - BioThingsAPI
  • AgBioData - NSF, USDA, USDA-ARS, Industry and US Land Grant Universities
  • Better Evaluation - Australia and New Zealand School of Government
  • United Soybean Board -
  • Reproducible research best practices @JupyterCon - Kaggle